Eating with kids in Sanford FL

Almost every parent will agree when I say, eating out with kids can be very challenging. It can also be quite stressful once they reach the toddler stage (many call those years the terrible 2s or terrible 3s) and they only want to run around and explore. How often have I dreamt up a restaurant with integrated playground with my mom friends. Well, technically, Sanford has once of those. Even though it was probably not intended this way, La Sirena Gorda is for us the perfect place to go out and eat WITH the kids. From day one, the huge fenced outdoor dining garden just seemed like the perfect place to have your kids run around while enjoying a meal and margarita with friends. In fact, we spent New Years eve 2012 in the garden with our 2 year old and all, including him, had a great time. I hope things don’t change but of course, I understand that as La Sirena adds more tables to their garden, the area that kids can use for play will shrink and we as parents have to respect other guests’ space and peace. As much as it is fun to seeing our little ones finally have a great time at a restaurant, the best place to enjoy a “quiet” dinner may still be in our own home 😉

La Sirena Gorda Cabana – 118 S Palmetto Avenue, Sanford FL – (407) 391-3955