The Quiet Man Irish Pub Sanford FL

Bad Monkey Tavern recently became The Quiet Man Irish Pub. I am glad to see finally have an Irish Pub back in Sanford and we might have officially selected our Soccer World Cup headquarters for watching the games. The TV is not ueber large, but the place is ueber cozy and it exudes just the right atmosphere for cheering on your teams – just as you would expect from a true (Irish) pub.

Apart from being a great spot for sports watching, The Quiet Man Irish Pub also offers some of Ireland’s finest beers on draft and, as confirmed by one of our friends, some of Sanford’s best chili. And check out this unique bar counter, just to admire that one and rest your beer glass on it, it is worth visiting the “new” downtown pub.

The Quiet Pub Irish Pub and Eatery – 105 West 2nd Street, Sanford, FL – (407) 878-0211