Love Your Shorts Sanford 2014

Oh what a night! A night to remember definitely because we watched awesome movies, had a great time, hung out with fun people and even made new friends. And did I mention the music and decor at the after party was amazing? My friends at Love Your Shorts truly outdid themselves tonight! How awesome is a photo prop of shorts? And how come I felt like I was attending a VIP event in South Beach? (That’s a good thing in case you were wondering!!) Oh, I want to live this night all over again please!!

Love Your Shorts Film Festival is one of my favorite events in Sanford and I am so happy I was able to attend Opening Night and the reception on Valentine’s Day. My controversial pick of the night was actually “Emit”. The movie follows the Benjamin Button concept and creates its own reality which is what intrigued me and made me think.

2-17-2014: Just found out that the Opening Night winning movie also won Best of Fest! Yay for us since we were bummed that we couldn’t make Best of Fest, because now at least we got to see the winning movie (*drumroll please*) “Spy vs Guy”. Great movie, really funny too!