Love Your Shorts E for Everyone

First times with your first child are always something very special! That would explain why I was basically staring and smiling at N as he was watching his very first (short) film at the Love Your Shorts Film Festival today. We selected the E for Everyone block that had movies that were not age restricted. While I am not sure if N understood it all, he still was quite fascinated being in a (“movie”) theater. He also behaved incredibly well. Next up is N’s first musical, Shrek, which will be performed at the same location, the Wayne Densch Perfoming Arts Center in Sanford.

All in all it was the perfect day in Sanford: first Farmer’s Market, then movies, followed by a couple of hours at Ft. Mellon Park and Playground and then a late lunch at Tony’s Deli on First Street. Oh how I love Saturdays in Sanford šŸ™‚