Monkey Bar - Upstairs Inside Bar

Monkey Bar – Upstairs Inside Bar

Tonight we were part of yet another birthday surprise party, and even though it was the 3rd or 4th in a row it was a great party. The location chosen was the Monkey Bar in Downtown Orlando. The Monkey Bar is located on Wall Street Plaza (off Orange between Central and Washington Street).

I really thought it was a great place to have a semi private (birthday) party. The bar provides the appetizers (you pay for those) and everything else is up to you. Altogether we were easily 20 people but we could have been twice as many and it still would have been enough space. Well, it may have been also because of the very cool and untypical (for Florida) temperatures.

A highlight at the monkey bar is their balcony lounge with stylish lounge chairs and the trendy sofas inside (the big seating section has leopard prints…).

Be sure to try their delicious martinis, I especially liked the Strawberry Martini, but be also sure to drink slowly and maybe keep it at one or two for the night.

Jessica, I and Jose at the Monkey Bar

Jessica, I and Jose at the Monkey Bar

The downstairs has a tropical style, resembling of an elegant Tiki Bar, with dark wood interiors. I have eaten here once or twice before and enjoyed the food very much.

So altogether the Monkey Bar is a great place to spend an evening and a night partying and enjoying downtown Orlando’s nightlife.

Opening Hours: 4pm-2am – Happy Hour: 4pm-7pm

After your visit at the Monkey Bar, check out Slingapour’s (see Day 123)

Art inside the Monkey Bar

Art inside the Monkey Bar