Ft Mellon Park Playground Sanford FL

Today was a fabulous warm Winter day in Florida (that means temperatures in the high 70s). Perfect playground weather in my book! So I decided to take the boys out for a play date today. I was especially excited because this also marked Lukas’ first time on a swing – oh how I love milestones!

Ft Mellon Park is one of my favorite playgrounds, mainly because it’s right by Lake Monroe so we get to enjoy beautiful views, but also because it is big with lots of pavilions and benches (can be rented for birthday parties) and because it has its own adjacent splash pad (great in the summer!). The only downside is that it’s located right off of West Seminole Boulevard and little kids can easily run onto the street. I really hope one day there will be a fence. Especially now that I am chasing after two boys it can get a bit scary… Nevertheless, I love the playground at Ft. Mellon Park and will continue to bring my kids here to play šŸ™‚

Ft Mellon Park –Ā 600 E. 1st Street, Sanford FL