Don't like Good-Byes

Don’t like Good-Byes

I don’t like good-byes… Especially the ones at airports are very sad. It wasn’t any different today when I had to say good-bye to my parents and Gabi. I used to LOVE airports, even wanted to become a flight attendant for the longest time (to write my Master thesis about the Effects of Crossing Cultural Borders on a Daily Basis, or something along those lines). I think the reason why I loved them was that traveling usually involved my parents and us when we were younger, and on the rare occasions of trips we or I took alone, we always knew when we were going to be back home…Now that has changed. I rarely know when exactly I will see my family again. So it really is a bit of a different good-bye.

Nevertheless, 2 weeks ago I was standing at this very same airport, overly happy with all the excitement that I was about to see my parents and sister again. So for the 50% of sad time, I get to have 50% happy time as well. Looking at it this way, airports aren’t all that bad. I prefer seeing this glass half full, if you know what I mean šŸ™‚