Peach Valley Cafe Lake MaryI cannot say enough good things about Peach Valley Cafe in Lake Mary. Starting with the fabulous location (right behind it runs one of the most beautiful parts of the Seminole Wekiva Trail) and outdoor seating area (a covered patio overlooking the lake) to some of the most delicious breakfast and brunch treats in the entire area, I was head over heels after my first brunch at Peach Valley Cafe!

So naturally we included Peach Valley Cafe in our Tour de Brunch. I have to say, they will be hard to match or even beat. It must be because Peach Valley specializes in breakfast/brunch and lunch. In fact, when we first wanted to try out this popular brunch place we stood in front of locked doors: we showed up after 2:30pm and they had just closed for the day. So if you are a late “bruncher” (like we used to be), keep that in mind.

Since Peach Valley Cafe is so popular, there is also almost always a waiting time (however, we have never waited longer than 10 minutes, even during peak hours). The staff is also very friendly and accommodating (which helps a lot, especially when you are there with a stroller and baby gear).

Since I am a big fan of Eggs Benedict I love the great options offered on the menu. This time I opted for the Vegetable & Egg Croissant Benedict – and was blown away!! This moved right to place number 1 on my list of favorite Eggs Benedict variations. It tasted just as fresh as it looked and is on top of that a great option for vegetarians.

Brunch at Peach Valley Cafe Lake Mary

Brunch at Peach Valley Cafe Lake MaryI also took a picture of the omelet one of our friends ordered. He loved it too. I even got to try some of his grits and I have to say, they were pretty good. In fact, I never considered eating grits for breakfast but these cheese grits gave me some inspiration to try them out at home sometime. In fact, I found a great recipe for Jalapeno Cheese Grits and can’t wait to try it…

Pancake at Peach Valley Cafe Lake MaryTo finish things off, Jose and I ordered one of the giant pancakes, my favorite pancakes in town! This time we chose blueberry pancakes – super delicious! I love that Peach Valley Cafe’s pancakes actually taste truly home made and fresh – unlike most other places you cannot taste any sort of pancake mix. Try the pecan or banana variations, or just stick with the classic, dusted in powdered sugar, you won’t be disappointed!

Sorry about the picture, this keeps happening to me… But what can I do if the pancake looks just so yummy that I have to start eating before I can even snap a picture?

Next for me to try is the Smoked Salmon and New York Style Bagel with cream cheese, diced eggs, red onions and capers. Can’t wait!

View from Patio at Peach Valley Cafe Lake Mary

Seminole Wekiva Trail Lake Mary FLWe sat outside on the patio for quite a while, talking, even after we finished eating, that’s how much we enjoyed it. After this very satisfying brunch we decided to go for a walk on the Seminole Wekiva Trail that runs, as mentioned, just behind Peach Valley Cafe. The peaceful setting of the trail (lake, trees and even horses) truly topped off a perfect brunch. So if you are looking for more than just a great brunch experience but also an afternoon plan, this is a great idea and very family friendly.

Seminole Wekiva Trail Lake Mary FL

Peach Valley Cafe – 1210 South International Parkway – Heathrow, FL 32746 – (407) 833-9440
Hours: Sun-Sat 7:00am–2:30pm