We are excited to announce our Tour de Brunch for the Sanford and Lake Mary area! In the upcoming months, Jose, little Nicolas and I will be touring a different brunch place every Sunday. Let’s see which restaurant wins the Tour de Brunch according to us. Feel free to tour along or follow us and share your opinions with us.

Tour de BrunchBrunch is my favorite type of meal when I go out to eat. After all, it’s the combination of my two favorite meals during a day. I am not a big fan of snacks or dinner (even though I love the occasional ice cream outing), my favorite meals of the day have always been breakfast and lunch (and both big please!).

Here is a list of the places we are planning to tour. You are welcome to leave a comment below to let us know of any other great brunch places in the area – we will add them to our tour!

  • Finesse, Lake Mary
  • Vineyard Wine Company, Lake Mary
  • Peach Valley Cafe, Lake Mary
  • Dexter’s Lake Mary
  • Christo’s, Sanford
  • Friendly Confines, Lake Mary
  • Patio Grill, Sanford
  • Captain’s Cove, Sanford
  • Liam Fitzpatrick’s, Lake Mary
  • Nico Globos, Lake Mary
  • Shula’s 347, Lake Mary
  • Panera’s, Lake Mary
  • Palette, Sanford
  • Cracker Barrel, Sanford
  • Memories of India, Lake Mary

And now, let the Tour de Brunch begin…


Cute Egg Warmers

Yet another reason why I loved breakfast when growing up: Isn't it nice to wake up, go downstairs for breakfast and then this cute little chicken that has been keeping your hard boiled egg warm awaits you 🙂