What do you get when you put together a project manager and an interior design major? An awesome escape room right here in Downtown Sanford, that’s what! That’s right, you don’t need to make the drive to Orlando, you can become an escape artist and participate in one of the most popular current activities right here in our town.


Our Team at Escape Artists in Downtown Sanford


Learning the dos and don’ts of the Escape Room, at Escape Artists in Downtown Sanford

Last Friday Claudia and I gathered a group of girls and headed out for a girls night to Sanford’s very own escape room, Escape Artists (115 N Oak Avenue – 321-200-5304). We tested ourselves under pressure as we put together clues, worked as a team and solved riddles.

When we first arrived we walked into the lobby and were instantly impressed by the laid back vibe of the owners and the organized lobby where we snapped a couple of photos and then listened as we were given instructions before being locked (not really locked, the door is open for you to leave at any time you feel you need to step outside – but with all that is going on I doubt you’ll want to miss anything!) in a room with the clock set for 60 minutes…

And the chaos of searching for clues begins…


Our only way of communicating with the outside world while in the Escape Room at Escape Artists in Downtown Sanford.

Escape Artist currently offers two rooms to choose from REST EASY MOTEL, with the story line being “Some strange disappearances have taken place at the Rest Easy Motel. Everyone suspects the manager but no proof or motive has ever been found. Can you solve the mystery; find the proof of who is responsible for the disappearances and escape before the manager returns?” and the other room Cat Burglar, with its story line “You and your team are the best cat burglars in the world. You will need to penetrate a billionaire’s mansion, steal his offshore bank account codes, and escape with the codes AND your life. Mr. Bestunkovich is not known for taking prisoners, so if you are caught, you may not live to tell about it. If you succeed, the reward will be worth the risk.”

In the end Claudia and I choose REST EASY MOTEL and enjoyed every moment of solving this little mystery. Walking into the room you feel like you have just been dropped off at an old cheap motel. With bad decor and dirty walls you can see a lot of time and effort went into staging the room.

Once the door was closed the clock began to countdown and the girls wasted no time on getting started. Every second is filled with searching, solving, yelling out what you’ve found, testing keys and number codes and 60 minutes quickly passes by.

“Extra” clues are given as needed throughout your time in the room and although we made it out we have to say thank you to the awesome creators of the room for assisting us a bit here and there along the way via walkie. When we finally exited the room we were all hyped up and agreed that “we want more, we want more” so we’ll definitely be planning our returns for the other rooms in the near future!

This is a super fun way to spend time with friends, family, team building or even a kids Birthday party; the rooms will be tweaked for younger kids (as young as 6) so this is fun for all ages! We are so excited to have this right here in Sanford and would highly recommend this for a fun evening with a group!

For more information visit escapeartistsanford.com and let them know we sent you 😉


Jessica, Brittney, Catherine, Claudia, Heather, Tina

Thank you to these lovely ladies for joining us for a fun evening and to the wonderful owners of Escape Artists!!

Each girl had only positive things to say about their experience, here’s what they had to say…

Brittney “I loved the Escape Artists Room ‘Rest Easy Motel’! It was a fun and exciting experience. The puzzles were thought provoking and challenging yet solvable. This is a great date night, family outing or corporate team building activity. It’s a great new entertainment option in Sanford for everyone!”

Catherine “The room design at the Rest Easy Motel escape adventure is very well done. Everything seemed very realistic like the stains on the wall, the old furniture, and the creepy paintings. The puzzle is quite hard, but we had a great team and the Escape Artists folks gave us a couple of clues that helped us escape.  They noticed when we were stuck and helped us see clues that were in plain sight. I really enjoyed the game. It fostered teamwork and kept us engaged all the way until the very end.  There were locks, clocks and codes to decipher. All the clues tied nicely to the story of the creepy motel.  Can’t wait to try the Cat Burglar room! This game was the perfect compliment to the night activities: we had dinner, drinks and played escape Artists!!!”

Heather “I was so excited to have the opportunity to finally experience an escape room, but a little nervous how it would all work. For sure, the adventure was worth the wait! It was an intense hour alternating between laughs and serious concentration. Even with a clock on the wall ticking down your time, it’s hard to notice the hour pass. It was so much fun, “the Motel” room was perfectly creepy without being scary and a great way to spend a Friday night (or any night) with friends. Can’t wait to go back!”

Tina “We had the best time at the escape artists in Sanford. I have been playing the game on my phone for a year and went to one other escape room before … but this was way better than anything I have seen or heard of. We were there with 6 girls and all worked together really well and finally solved the last of many puzzles and got back out. Time ran by so fast because we had so much fun. An hour felt like 20 minutes.. but I wont tell you any more you got to see it for yourself.”