You might have noticed that new place on 46, right after you pass the mall going West on your right hand side (Dunwoody Plaza). And just like me you might have thought, “oh, that’s just another fast food place…”.

Well, you may be surprised to hear that this place is actually surprisingly good! I have to admit, Beard Papa’s wasn’t really high up on my list of places to try in Sanford, but when Groupon recently offered a $10 for $20 worth of food deal I did some research about Beard Papa’s to see if it was worth to be checked out a bit sooner… When I saw that delicious Fondant au Chocolate (doesn’t French make desserts sound even better?), I was sold. Beard Papa’s is however more famous for their fresh and natural cream puffs (which are delicious, and that’s coming from a person who usually doesn’t like cream puffs…).

Check out their full menu here!

Vanilla filled Chocolate Cream Puff at Beard Papa's in Sanford

Vanilla filled Chocolate Cream Puff

So here are in short my top 8 notes about Beard Papa’s in Sanford FL

  1. This location has a very unique indoor area with computers, couches and elegant dark wood tables and white chairs. The place looks very trendy, totally unexpected I thought.
  2. Beard Papa’s is a great place to have an affordable special dessert such as Fondant au Chocolate or Creme Brulee. Also great looking are the cheesecake sticks!
  3. Very special is their Mochi ice cream, rice cake on the outside and ice cream inside (I named them ice cream cookies because it really felt like eating a hybrid between cookie and ice cream – yummy!)
  4. Bring cash if you are planning to spend less than $4 (especially if you’re going for seconds…)
  5. There is a drive through so if you’re in a rush, take advantage of that. However, try to check out the inside if you can, I’d like to hear your opinion about it!
  6. My plan for next time: have a very small lunch there (for example a baked potato or sandwich) and then dig in the desserts
  7. Cream puffs are even more delicious when filled with ice cream!
  8. And here a bit of trivia: Beard Papa’s is originally from Japan and big in Asia. There are only 2 locations in Florida, with the Sanford location currently being the only one in Central Florida (yay for Sanford!).

Nice couches to hang out and enjoy some desserts and coffee


Beard Papa's Fondant au Chocolate

Fondant au Chocolate - yes, it's yummy šŸ™‚

Mochi Ice Cream at Beard Papa's Sanford

Mochi Ice Cream - sorry, I had to take that bite...

Mango Ice Shower at Beard Papa's Sanford FL

Jose had to try the Mango Ice Shower

Now my question for you: does anyone know why it’s called Beard Papa’s? The name and logo almost made me overlook this place… What can I say, never judge a book by its cover!

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