On Day 169 I had written about the upcoming opening of Vamonos Taqueria at Colonial Town Park in Lake Mary. They have been open now for a while and of course, I had to try their food. Sorry for this belated post, I meant to review Vamonos Taqueria a lot earlier, especially since I became a fan of their delicious Mexican fast food.

In fact, they currently have a promotion going on during all of March 2010 for anyone visiting their web site – simply click here and print your coupon. We just went to have lunch again at Vamonos last week and got a complete meal consisting of a burrito (any choice of meat!), chips and salsa and a soda, all for only $4.99. Hard to beat!

Anyway, so what is it that I like about Vamonos (besides the top location right across from where I work):

  • Authentic Food: Being half Mexican, I have traveled to Mexico many times and obviously tried many typical dishes. Out of all the Mexican Fast Food places I have tried (and sorry for using the word fast food here, because to me it always sounds a bit derogatory to me… but what can I do, if you’re getting your food fast and order at the counter it simply classifies as such) I think Vamonos is the most authentic one by far.Their dishes are different from the typical Tex-Mex food you get elsewhere. Just the fact that they offer you re-fried beans (frijoles like we say in Mexico) made me already happy! Also, the rice offered is more typical and dishes like the Xochitl Soup, Cheese Chicharron and Frijoles Charros give it away: this place is authentic!
  • Selection: With burritos, tacos and tostadas featuring meat choices like Arrachera (marinated grilled steak), Chuleta (marinated grilled pork chop), Pastor (broiled pork loin), Tinga (chicken stewed with fresh onion, tomato and a hint of chipotle), Barbacoa (Sonora style shredded braised beef), Cochinita Pibil (Mayan style pulled pork loin) and even Fish (grilled in Mayan adobo sauce) Vamonos offers something for every taste bud. They also offer soups (like the yummy Xochitl Soup!), veggie and fruit cups, platters, quesadillas and salads to complete the menu.
  • Guacamole: is included! Need I say more? No more extra dollars for something that I absolutely must have in my burritos!
  • Freshness: try for yourself, this food is fresh and you can taste it!
  • Price: with prices ranging from $5.95 (vegetarian burrito) to $6.79/$6.89 for the regular meat/fish dishes Vamonos is high up there on the list of affordable yet high quality food.
  • Salsas: With nine different salsas to chose from after you get your dish, you will truly be in Salsa Heaven. These quite authentic sauces range from mild to very hot and will truly enhance your burrito/taco/tostada experience!
  • Atmosphere: Fast food places sometimes have a hard time creating a pleasant atmosphere. In the bright and clean space where Vamonos is located though I never feel trapped or rushed. On top of that, Vamonos has a beautiful patio area – a great spot to enjoy your Mexican food with a beer (Mexican beer available: Sol, XX and Bohemia) and start a night out with friends at Colonial Town Park without breaking the bank.

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Watch this short Video about Vamonos Taqueria filmed during the holidays last year (starring my lovely sister and her boyfriend):

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