Sanford365 L-O-V-E-S Negril Spice in Downtown Sanford

If you find yourself in the mood for food that will make your mouth water by just the thought of it then Negril Spice in Downtown Sanford is the place. Just sitting here thinking about the lunch I had last week with the girls and going through the pictures makes me want to hop in my car and order up a BIG (because they are never small at Negril) plate of delicious Curry Chicken or the Brown stew or maybe the MONSTER JERK BURGER… Okay, you see I’m getting off track here. Needless to say, we girls at Sanford365 love Negril Spice. We shared each others’ plates which consisted of Curry Chicken, Curry Goat, Beef Stew, Beef Patties, Rice & Beans, Calaloo and let’s not forget the perfect dessert: coconut bread. Everything was DELICIOUS – not that I should be surprised as it’s my third time eating at Negril and it won’t be the last!

Negril Spice Jamaican Restuarant, 114 S Sanford Avenue, Sanford, FL 32771

(407) 878-2726

If you find yourself taking a stroll through downtown Sanford on a lazy weekend or are out late and need a place to scarf down some YUM-O food then Negril Spice is just the place! But I’ll allow the pictures to do the rest of the talking…

To get a better understanding of Jamaican food and how Negril Spice got started we asked a few questions to Kenneil, the owner’s grandson who was very kind and patient with us as we snapped tons of photos. Thank you Kenneil and family!

We’re already in love with your delicious food, but for those who may not know tell us a little about some of Jamaica’s typical foods and spices?

Negril spice provides all the favorite traditional Jamaican dishes which include

  • Curry chicken
  • Brown stew chicken
  • Jerk chicken
  • Jerk pork
  • Oxtail
  • Curry goat
  • Ackee & saltfish “codfish”
  • Calaloo & salt fish
  • Seafood
  • Red snapper (fry, steam, escoveitched, jerk, etc.)

We also provide some of the traditional American dishes like fry chicken, wings, stew beef, grits, crabs, etc… our menu is suited for everyone’s taste buds. Our homemade blend of spices gives our dishes a spicy kick with a tingling feel of fresh sensation.

Tell us a little about your career path and how you came to be a cook?

Our master chef’s name is Chef Will who is assisted by Chef Money Mike. The pair have been around the kitchen environment for a decade. Growing up as kids in Jamaica they had to survive on their own because of hardship. Due to the fact they were less fortunate they used to create meals out of the little ingredients they had. The passion just grew as they got older. They were then trained by a professional schooling system that molded their talent into what it is now.

You’re always so warm and friendly tell us about your family and how you were raised?

As it is in most cultures, family is the most important thing. We were raised in an environment in which we are taught to always look out for others regardless of who they are. A society in which we lead by example, without looking for reward for doing what’s right. A family isn’t just someone that’s close to you, a family is someone that you can make a difference in their life and have them do the same to another. In my opinion our families are so friendly because we believe in helping others.

What are some of the things you miss about Jamaica?

Jamaica, although we are apart from her, brings back many memories and joy. A small island that is full of so much pride and history, well known by many around the world. There are wonderful beaches, rivers, fruits, dishes, music, festivities, dancing, and most of all, family. Being able to be around your birthplace just brings calmness and relaxation because it makes you take your mind off all your worries back in your real life. There is so much to do in Jamaica, one thing I think I miss most is being able to climb a tree to pick a fruit or waking up in the morning and diving off in the cold river water to see the natural beauty of the water floor.

Sanford Selfie Saturday April 11 SumaleeMy favorite dish was the brown stewed chicken, savory with a touch of sweetness, similar to American barbeque. I love eating saucy dishes like this over rice, and the rice a peas (beans) at Negril Spice complement each dish perfectly. It really hits the spot when you need a homey comfort food, and is great for those who prefer a milder dish.

When you’re in the mood for spice, you can’t beat the jerk shrimp or chicken, perfectly seasoned to set your mouth on fire…but it’s so good, who can resist? At Negril Spice, everything goes with the flow, perfect for a lazy Sunday when you’re running on island time.”

Sumalee Eaton

What made you What made you choose Sanford as the place to open your restaurant?

Historical Sanford is a location of rich history and pride. It’s a small town location similar of that in which we are from in Jamaica. A town in which everybody is like a family because of the size. It’s a district which we see to be a profitable location because of all the events and festivities that are always happening. Something’s is always happening so there is always traffic.

What is your all-time favorite dish to eat and to make?

A traditional favorite for many Jamaicans to eat would be jerk chicken and hard dough bread. Our chef’s favorite dish to prepare would be brown stew fish served with rice & peas or curry shrimp served with plain rice.

Do you have anything else you’d like your current and future customers to know?

  • We are open late on the weekends until 3am!
  • We play dominoes every Friday and Saturday night
  • We have a Fish fry every other Saturday of the month (2nd and last)