Alright, Sanford, it’s getting hot out there! We’re two months into the #SanfordSelfie Competition, and we’re about to mix things up a bit! Announcing the new “Hometown Favorite” Sanford Selfie Challenge, a chance to win the hearts and votes of Sanford365’s staff every month. Sanford365 will be awarding a prize to the selfie we feel best captures the essence and character of the town we love so very much…and yeah, we’re kinda biased. (Unlike our monthly judges, who determine the main prize each month!)

Consider it an “editor’s pick”. (And a chance for me and Claudia to get in on the #SanfordSelfie action!)

We’re getting deep into summer- time for sunglasses, swim suits, and my personal favorite, cold cocktails. You better believe that Claudia and myself will be on the lookout for some fun summer selfies!

What’s at stake, you ask?

Junes Themed Selfie Challenge PrizeA chance to fulfill all your childhood mermaid fantasies! This month’s Themed Selfie Challenge sponsor is String Theory Creations, an art gallery and beading studio headed by the Hollerbach mother and daughter duo Linda and Christina. This Summer, String Theory is hosting two Mermaid Jewelry Making Parties, and giving away two spots as this month’s Themed Selfie Challenge Sponsor. As a party guest, you’ll get to choose from a huge variety of ocean-inspired beads to make your very own custom mermaid piece, while enjoying mermaid-themed refreshments and a live demonstration of a Mermaid Makeover by a licensed cosmetologist. More details here

Sound fun? Enter your #SanfordSelfie to win!


  1. Snap your #SanfordSelfie

    You can take your picture anywhere in Sanford, but the more creative, the better!

  1. Add #SanfordSelfie

    It wouldn’t hurt to add a great caption either. Tell us where you are, what you’re doing, and how it all relates back to your love for Sanford.

  1. Post it to Instagram or Sanford365’s Facebook Page

    Aaaaaand you’re in the competition!

And as always, the perfect occasion to snap your winning #SanfordSelfie is at First Street’s monthly street party, Alive After Five! Our themes line up with Alive After Five every month, so you’ll always have a chance to dress up and create an ideal selfie moment. This month, pull out those grass skirts, board shorts, and beach balls as you hit the streets for a great time on Thursday, 6/11!