Yes, I am taking on the challenge! 365 days, 365 photos – and at the end I might become a better photographer and you might get a pretty good impression of life in Sanford, Florida, home town of choice. This project was inspired by another 365 challenge that I came across. Check it out, it’s really interesting and you might get inspired, too ;o)

So here’s basically what I will do:

Take a picture a day

Post pictures at least 3 times a week

Each picture will have its own blog entry (so on some days there might be several new pictures and blog entries, but be assured they are all taken on different days

The pictures will mainly show scenes, objects and people in Sanford, Florida, but on some days I might be on an excursion to other areas in Central Florida, Florida, or the World ;o) Can’t promise anything but the next year might take me to Colombia, Panama, Germany, Italy and France. I might compare these places to Sanford though to keep the images in context.

I am excited to take on this challenge and a bit nervous, too. All I’ll have to do is making it my habit to take a picture (at least) a day! So let’s take on this year, starting on September 18, 2008, ending on September 17, 2009.

Hope you enjoy my pics and feel free to post comments anytime.