Hayashi Sushi Sanford

Our go-to sushi “dealer” for take-out is Hayashi Sushi in Sanford. Could it be because they are just around the corner from us or because they are very affordable but still always deliver fresh quality sushi – I think it’s a combination of both. There are a couple of other sushi restaurants in Sanford that I can’t wait to try as well. I will certainly report back once I have šŸ˜‰

As for the picture: I am always amazed at how much a simple filter and zoom/crop in Instagram can do for the aesthetics of a shot. Trust me, this picture didn’t look like anything cool when I first snapped it while waiting for our take out order inside the restaurant. After applying some insta-magic it turned into a quite acceptable little shot, definitely post worthy in my book…

Hayashi Sushi, 5040 W State Road 46, Sanford, FL 32771 – (407) 321-9015Ā