Tree Streets in Sanford


My type of post. Thank you Nelson for this awesome take on the streets of Sanford…

“Sanford is a tree city, so much so that many of the avenues running north/south in the downtown area are named after trees.

Looking at a current map of Sanford, I counted 26 of these avenues but I may have missed some: persimmon, pomegranate, mulberry, jessamine, oleander, mangoustine, olive, avocado, pecan, poplar, cedar, holly, maple, laurel, elm, myrtle, oak, magnolia, palmetto, cypress, pine, hickory, locust, orange, willow, and bay.

Next time you are driving around downtown take a moment to see if you are on an Avenue of the Trees. If you live on one of these avenues, think about planting a tree that is the same as the name of the avenue. You and generations of Sanfordites to come will enjoy your contribution in keeping Sanford full of diverse and beautiful trees.”