I think naturally we as humans enjoy helping others and enjoy giving back to our community and communities that we’re not be able to physically reach. I know I personally do and I truly enjoy meeting new people along the way. We here at Sanford365 had the pleasure of doing a short Q & A with Gabriel and Karen Adam, the founders of Soy La Esperanza (Spanish for I am the Hope), which is located right here in Sanford and we just had to share their sweet words with you, they are words of hope and words that I think will inspire you to reach out and help those in need.

Soy La Esperanza-4The name of your Non-Profit Organization is Soy La Esperanza meaning I am the Hope. That is a very beautiful and powerful name. How did you decide to choose that name?

My grandmother’s name was Zoila (pronounced Soy-La) and she had a reputation for being a charitable woman so the name is in homage to her. But more important than that, we want anyone who says the name to understand that they represent hope. Our friends and supporters give us hope on our mission, our donors are the hope for the children, and the children must know that they are the hope for the future.


Gabriel Adam and his family enjoying Pints and Paws with their pups.

Locally and nationwide there are many Non Profit Organizations, would you say there is something special about yours that might stand out?

I imagine that we, like so many others before us, started out with a plan and a dream to impact others. We want to serve as a bridge that links the organizations that are already in place, doing great work with donors who are fortunate enough to be able to financially support our mission. We will then be able to focus our efforts on fundraising and ensuring that those funds are properly used.


Gabriel and his wife Karen at Alive After 5!

How does your Non Profit affect you personally?

Giving has always been at the heart of the values that my family has taught me, and my wife Karen was also raised with this ideal. Together over the years we have further strengthened this desire and it is something we will pass on to our children. Starting this non-profit is the culmination of the lessons learned from giving, but to be effective in our mission we will have to give of our time, money, and effort.

Nicaragua is the heart of your Non Profit, how did you come upon choosing that location?

Many people would never guess that my family is from Nicaragua and that I too was born there. I can’t really blame them for not knowing that since the last name Adam is not your typical Latin American last name. We left in the early 80’s and I have been back several times over the years. I went back last year with my family to celebrate the Easter holiday. We love Nicaragua very much and are happy to see the advancements that have been made there, both socially and politically, but as the second poorest country in the western hemisphere there are bound to be those that are overlooked. Those who can be overlooked are the people we want to help. Also, considering our network of family and friends, Nicaragua is where we can be most effective. We have trusted volunteers that can help us carry out the mission and give us the most up to date and on the ground information so that we may adjust our efforts most appropriately.


Gabriel’s children Soledad and Gabriel enjoying their time with the Sanford Airport Authority.

What is your current mission?

To serve as a bridge between donors and local organizations that serve the needs of poor children in disadvantaged conditions. For this, we identify local organizations that can benefit from our programs and carry out specific fundraising campaigns. In the end, we hope to fulfill the needs of children.

Does your Non Profit have plans or goals for the future?

Oh yes. Our dream is to one day have a school for children where we can truly provide the kids a real path to a brighter future. We envision a fully functioning campus where we can provide strong academics, physical education, and lessons in sustainable living. As a part of this campus there would also be housing for the medical/dental volunteers we hope to have visit regularly to provide preventive care and any other volunteers that would from time to time help us further carry out the mission.

We would like to thank them for taking the time to consider our mission and to invite them to visit our website soylaesperanza.org where they can learn more and, of course, make a donation. We will also be having a monthly clothing drive with our first drive taking place on May 6, 2016. The first Friday of every month you can come by our office located at 111 E Lake Mary Blvd, Suite 107, Sanford, FL 32773, between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and drop off gently worn kids clothes and new, unopened socks/undergarments. Members of our team will be traveling to Nicaragua at the end of May 2016 and we would love to be able take the kids a ton of clothes so please help in any way you can. There are many exciting things happening so please like our Facebook page for updates.

On a family trip to Nicaragua. Picture taken after Easter Mass during Semana Santa 2015. We were in San Juan del Sur. It is a beach town and a popular destination during Holy Week.

On a family trip to Nicaragua. Picture taken after Easter Mass during Semana Santa 2015 in San Juan del Sur. It is a beach town and a popular destination during Holy Week.