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One of the 3 major Mardi Gras events this year in Sanford (more on those later), I am excited that Hollerbach’s is (of course!) hosting their 6 Days of Fasching again. I am no “Faschingsmuffel” (that’s German for Mardi Gras hater) so I am definitely planning on attending a few of them and I am loving the themes Theo and his Mannschaft picked this year.

If you would like to experience Mardi Gras German style, you should definitely check out Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe in Sanford.

Starting on Thursday, February 12th, Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe will kick off its FASCHING season with a fun schedule of German style carnival parties. Do you want to see me and my German girlfriends snip off some ties? After walking in the Alive After Five Mardi Gras Parade that Thursday at 7pm, we will “invade” the restaurant and get started 😉

Fasching in Orlando FL

Picture taken from http://www.willowtreecafe.com/

But what exactly is Fasching?

Here’s a little bit about the German Mardi Gras/Carnival season (aka Germany’s Silly Season):
In Germany we call Mardi Gras “Fasching”, Fastnacht or Karneval and it is one of the biggest celebrations throughout the year (probably only topped by the Oktoberfest).

The most famous celebration takes place in Koeln (Cologne) on the Monday before Mardi Gras (in German: “Faschingsdienstag”). That Monday is called “Rosenmontag” and there is a huge parade going through Koeln. I have been there and it is a lot of fun but also gets REALLY crazy! Definitely a street party of the same ranks with New Orleans Mardi Gras or Carnival in Rio.

karneval-in-koelnOn the Thursday before Mardi Gras almost every town in Germany has some type of Ladies Night Mardi Gras. In Bavaria, where I come from, we call it “Weiberfasching” and it is the most fun night of all Mardi Gras celebrations (in my humble opinion). No guys are allowed in bars until midnight (which doesn’t stop them from dressing up as women and getting into the bars anyway…). You could probably compare that night to Halloween parties here in the US – and the costumes are just as creative!

So every year I am obviously pretty excited that Hollerbach’s Willow Tree is bringing some German tradition into Sanford and am looking forward to seeing how Fasching turns out. Below is the Fasching schedule taken from the Willow Tree Cafe web site.

Mardi Gras at Hollerbach's in Sanford FL

Weiberfasching 2014

6 Days of Fasching

  • Weiberfastnacht: Tie Cutting Thursday February 12th – The Gypsies have taken over the Willow Tree! Ladies bring your sharpest scissors and guys should wear their least favorite ties. This is one of our longest running Willow Tree traditions and is a lot of fun!
  • Pajama Night: Friday, February 13th – Wear your most comfortable Pajamas and have a relaxing evening at the Willow Tree!
  • Valentines Day, as featured in our big Sanford Valentine’s Day Guide: Saturday, February 14th – A night of romance… and polka! Join Jimmy and Eckhard for a night of dancing and merriment. Couples should wear fancy red clothes!
  • Bavarian Night: Sunday, February 15th – Time to bring out your inner Bavarian. Put on your lederhosen and dirndls for and celebrate like a German!.
  • Die Mannschaft Weltmeister Fasching: Monday, February 16th Sponsored by Paulaner: Relive the glory of the German National Team’s 2014 World Cup Championship. We will be replaying the final on our 135 inch projection screen. Game starts at 6:00pm. Sponsored by Paulaner Hefeweizen.
  • MaskenBall: Tuesday February 17th- The last night of Fasching, wear your most outrageous outfit and compete to win the many costume contests on the night.

As usual, you should reserve your spot TODAY since spaces are filling up quickly! Call 407 321 2204 or email Reservations@Hollerbachs.com to make your reservation!