Independent Bar Orlando

Independent Bar Orlando

Took this picture at our night out on Saturday (so, technically it was already Sunday morning) inside the Independent Bar in Orlando.

As usual we had a great time and enjoyed the music, lots of 80s and new wave, just the right mix to dance and have fun.The inside reminds me a lot of the clubs in Europe, there’s something authentic to it. Also great are the many TV screens that play the music videos as you dance to the songs. I bet you will see and hear many long forgotten songs that will remind you of whatever you were doing when the song was popular 🙂 (no matter if you were in Kindergarten, high school or college…)

I always like the Independent Bar because people there are very nice and easy going. There really isn’t any dress code and nobody will judge you if you walk in totally over- or under-dressed, this club really is about enjoying the music and being yourself.
Independent Bar is located on 70 N. Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando. For a taste of their music, more pictures and calendar of events visit their web site here.

… and here is a little video that shows you more about nightlife in Orlando (scenes of the Independent Bar towards the end!)

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