Sanford Avenue Road Construction

Sanford Avenue is sadly often overlooked, not only by visitors but even by locals. I think though this street is as much part of downtown Sanford as its “pretty sister” First Street. Currently Sanford Avenue is undergoing a “beautification” meaning the section of  Sanford Avenue between East 1st Street to East 6th Street will be pavered just as 5 years ago the entrance section of First Street (right after crossing 17-92 when driving East on CR 46). According to the city web site “the project will include new water lines, new drainage, brick roadway, trail section, entry feature, new lighting, benches, bike stands and heritage markers.”

Sanford Avenue is home to some of Sanford’s best bars and food venues, for example Little Fish Huge Pond, Buster’s Bistro, West End Trading Company and Ellen’s Wine Room to name a few. When you are downtown next time be sure to also visit Sanford Avenue 😉