Home Depot in Sanford FL

Lowes in Sanford FL

Since I was looking for a vacuum cleaner today I had to visit 2 local home improvement warehouse stores: Home Depot and Lowes. To make a long story short: no, I didn’t find what I was looking for. Nevertheless, I took my daily pics at the two locations. I couldn’t help but wonder: are you a Home Depot or Lowes person? Is there even a difference?

Home Depot Lake Mary

Home Depot Lake Mary

For my part, I mostly visit Home Depot (of course only if I have to because I am by no means a handy girl…), however that is more out of convenience. The location is just closer to where I am located and you can reach Home Depot easier from I-4. I mean it basically is right off the Exit 98 in Lake Mary.

I have to say though, when it comes to their advertising and branding, I prefer Lowes. They are just so much more my style – and they have a partnership with HGTV which is one of my favorite channels (yes, even in my spare time I have to look at real estate…). Also, and I am not sure why that was, I noticed that Lowes keeps their store temperature higher. It actually felt quite pleasant to be in there compared to Home Depot. Now I am not sure if they did it because they need to save money or because they are green. The latter I would prefer because I think being green is NOT about saving money, it is about saving the environment. The money saving is just a nice side effect.I wish LOWES was a bit better located because to drive all the way down Lake Mary Boulevard in order to get there is not time smart and not green because of the gas pollution. But then again, how often am I really going?

Anyway, are you a Home Depot or Lowes person and why? Just curious…

Here’s both stores info in case you need some tools šŸ˜‰

Home Depot Lake Mary
4600 W Lake Mary Blvd,
Lake Mary, FL 32746
(407) 333-9650

Lowes Sanford
3780 S Orlando Dr
Sanford, FL 32773
(407) 430-4060