Here’s another one of Sanford’s best bars and Christina can tell you exactly why Buster’s Bistro is the place to be in Sanford…

“Where in Sanford can you play a game of giant Jenga? That would be Buster’s Bistro on Sanford Avenue! Buster’s is a contemporary Belgian bar, serving “the best eighteen draught beers and fifty bottles to best represent the pride and heritage of the motherland of beer.” They also do their very best to ensure that each beer is served in its proper glass, designed and provided by the individual brewer.

The space is quite lovely and rustic, a lot of wood and stone. Their back patio is the place to be on a cool evening. Or you can set yourself up a nice game of giant Jenga at the front.

Buster’s is also a huge supporter of the Orlando City Soccer Club (which recently achieved MLS status) and it’s a great place to catch soccer games!”

You can visit Buster’s website here: