North Water Reclamation Facility Sanford

Lots of things going on in this picture and as you may notice, it is not the typical shot I would post here. What I wanted to do with this picture is to bring in the element of temperature. That’s why I used InstaWeather on my phone during the citizen academy class tonight to take this snapshot.

Why I wanted to add in temperature you ask? Well, I wanted to showcase how awesome it is to live here this time of the year.  Where else in the country could you have an open air class in the evening this time of the year without even wearing a jacket. The weather was just perfect!

You may wonder where we were this evening? The North Water Reclamation Facility in Sanford (1201 W Seminole Boulevard). Oddly, the air I breathed there was as fresh as it can be (one might expect certain odors, but definitely not tonight – or was this still my nagging cold playing a trick on me?). Just one minus to this perfect evening as it got later: mosquitos!! Will they ever leave Florida? I guess we can’t have it all…

PS: Notice the Halloween deco in the scene? The staff at the facility was too cute and we all got goodie bags too. Happy Halloween to you all!!