Caddy's Pub Heathrow Lake Mary FL

Caddy’s Pub Heathrow Lake Mary FL

On Day 239 I had already reported about the upcoming opening of Caddy’s Pub at Park Place at Heathrow in Lake Mary. Now, there is finally a sign on the building and I sneaked in today to ask the manager about the final opening date. He said it was still not a sure date but it was going to be either on August 17th or August 24th. When I looked it up on my agenda afterwards I realized that these days are both Mondays and was wondering if that could be right. Monday doesn’t seem to be the most appealing day to open a bar/restaurant but on the other hand, it makes you unique 😉

So I can’t wait for it to open, there will finally be life in front of my office window again – and I can go for a refreshing drink after work and won’t even have to drive (it is literally 3 steps from my office…)

More about the concept and some inside pictures can be found on Day 239.

08/25/09 Update: Guess I was right about the opening dates. Monday, August 24th passed and Caddies Pub is not open yet… Could it be that they meant September 24th? Well, who knows. Whenever they are open I will be sure to post it here. Feel free to share info about the “mysterious” opening below ;o)

08/31/09 Update: A friend of mine stopped by to apply for a job at Caddies Pub and told me that it will open on September 8. Let’s see 😉