Dan and Natascha at BD's Mongolian BBQ

Dan and Natascha at BD’s Mongolian BBQ

My first time at BD’s Mongolian BBQ. We went with our friends Natascha and Dan who had been there many times before.This location of BD’s Mongolian BBQ is in Altamonte Springs, right after taking 434 from 436.

I really liked the concept, even though I have to admit, it makes you eat even more than you might have planned. The concept is neat, the bowls seem small at the beginning but believe me, you can fit quite a bit of food in there.

Here’s the idea: You walk the “raw food” buffet where you can select pretty much anything you want to have in your “custom stir fry”. There are meats, fish & seafood, tofu, fresh vegetable, noodles and a big assortment of sauces and spices available. After you have picked your raw food you walk to the huge open grill and pass the bowl on to your cook who prepares your mix on the grille.

Dan and Natascha after dinner

Dan and Natascha after dinner

So you are basically your own chef and can combine any type of dish. We ordered the unlimited bowl dinner, but there is also a one bowl dinner available. I recommend the first though because chances are, you may want to repeat šŸ™‚

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