Sanford Senior Center

Oh yes, growing old in Sanford – that’s what I see myself “doing” in some 30-40 years… I think my generation (most call us “Gen Y”) would really appreciate all the fun activities offered at the Sanford Senior Center. I can see myself already line dancing, shouting “Bingoooo!” through the room and, of course, playing shuffle board. Boy, will we have fun! To find out more about all the activities that take place at the Sanford Senior Center check out the Event Calendar at the City of Sanford main web site.

This beautiful wide angle shot of the Sanford Senior Center was taken by my fellow Gen Y-ers Nelson and Christina. Here is what they say about their shot:

“It’s a lovely afternoon in Sanford so we decided to get out down by the waterfront. We parked near the Sanford Civic Center and really admired this side of the building which is the Senior Center. I love this mid-century look of clean lines and large windows.”