Sunrail Station Sanford FL

Looking good, Sun Rail Station in Sanford! I can’t wait to go on my very first ride on the Sun Rail (I was honored to be able to take the Sun Rail sneak peek ride a while ago). Many of us are anxiously awaiting the commuter train and I truly hope that this train is here to stay! Hopefully there will also be a shuttle connecting Downtown Sanford to the station.

Since I live in Sanford’s ‘burbs of the West side, I will only be able to use the train for “pleasure” (and I am planning on doing that as much as I can). The other reason why it just won’t work for either Jose or me is that as Realtors we just have to have a car to get from house to house, appointment to appointment.

I hope that even those who have mixed feelings about SunRail give it a try!

Riverview Townhomes in Sanford will be the lucky neighborhood that has direct access to the train station. Residents of Riverlanding will be able to walk to the train and commute to and from their jobs every day.