Chipotle Sanford FL

How often have I googled “Chipotle Sanford FL” only to see “Chipotle Lake Mary” come up in the search engines. Well, at this point when googling Chipotle Sanford FL you will still see those results but I can tell you, rumor has it that Chipotle will be opening a new location right here in Sanford late in the spring. We’ve talked to several people who work at Chipotle and they confirmed that the new Chipotle location in Sanford will be at the Super Target Plaza. You may have noticed a new building being built on the World Market side of the plaza. It seems like that will be the spot! A different source also informed us that Chipotle is hiring in Sanford, so in my book that is proof enough to believe that I will be a very happy girl very soon. I see a lot of burritos in my future since the Sanford location will bring my favorite “fast food” chain (and by the way the only fast food chain I ever eat at, even though it’s owned by *gasp* Mc Donald’s) about 10 minutes closer to my house. I. So. Cannot. Wait.

PS: Pictures of Chipotle were taken at the Lake Mary location where we ate today. As usual it was packed! It’s a no brainer that Chipotle would have the idea of opening a new location in Sanford 😉

PPS: To prove what a LONG time Chipotle fan I have been, here a post on Sanford365 from 5+ years ago

UPDATE on 3/12/14: It is officially confirmed!! Chipotle is coming to Sanford! And it get’s even better: Giraffas is coming too! Giraffas is a Brazilian “fast” food chain that I can’t wait to try! Click here to learn more about Giraffas.