Francesca's Sanford FL

According to Foursquare I am a “Mall Rat”. What Foursquare doesn’t know is that I go to the mall mostly when the weather is bad but I still want to get out of the house with the kids.

Walking though the mall on a weekly basis I’m always checking for new businesses to come in. While I love unique and small businesses I always wonder if the mall is the best place for them. I wish more of the unique shops would open up downtown in order to create more traffic there and then the bigger name brands to open up at the mall to increase traffic there. While I enjoy the low traffic at Seminole Town Center I am also always wondering about the future. Unfortunately, without big name brands, most people will skip the mall altogether and head to Altamonte Springs. So because of that the smaller businesses in the mall, and the ones around the mall (there are not just chain restaurants around the mall! take Chianti’s, Cafe Positano, Maru Sushi or even the all new Bambu Vietnamese Restaurant) are suffering even more. I truly believe if we “fill up” downtown with businesses everyone will win…

Curious to hear what everyone is thinking, so feel free to share your opinions 😉

PS: I guess I got carried away talking about the mall in general. My picture of the day was of a new (bigger brand) store opening at the mall: Francesca’s.