Riverwalk Pizzeria Sanford FL

The party is over and we were left with a mountain of pizza boxes. This was the first year we ever ordered food for a party. Usually I would stress myself preparing small appetizers but this time we figured why not go the easy route and order pizza for everyone? Naturally we chose our favorite pizza place, Riverwalk Pizzeria (located right by Lake Monroe at the Sanford Marina). We ordered several of the the Tuscany and Chicken Fresca, our all time favorites, as well as some Cheese, Hawaiian and Primavera. Everyone loved the pizza – it was literally gone in just a few minutes (a time lapse video would have been cool at this point)!

The big news is that Riverwalk Pizzeria is soon opening a second pizzeria in a new location in Sanford. It will most likely be in Gio’s Pizzeria’s old location at Dunwoody Plaza (off 46 on the West side of I-4). We couldn’t be happier about that since we live basically around the corner from that location. I see a lot of pizza in our future…

PS: I did this collage with PicMonkey and I promise I won’t use stickers on my photos anymore, at least not those cheesy ones (no pizza pun intended).