Bokey Bike Mob Sanford FLFor those who have been wondering who those cool kids biking around Downtown Sanford on Wednesday nights, it’s the Bokey Bike Mob! What exactly is the Bokey Bike Mob, you ask? A bunch of cool kids biking around Downtown Sanford!

Please note: Without further notice, the Bokey Bike Mob will be taking place only once a month, every second Wednesday of the month at 6pm (Meetup at the West End Trading Co, the ride starts at 7pm).

The Bike Mob was started last year by a group of friends who, you guessed it, absolutely love biking around Sanford. The casual organization is headed up by Alexander Maxwell, the self-titled president. He organizes the rides, along with the help of fellow West End community members Nate Lightbourn and Sean and Ryan McCully. The mob usually moves out around 6pm on Wednesdays from the West End, weaves in and out of the commercial and historic districts, up the Riverwalk and back home. I love working at Hollerbach’s and seeing 30 bikes whiz past, with everyone shouting “Bike Mob!”. These guys certainly know how to turn heads!

The idea of the Bike Mob is simple, all fun, no frills. “The mission statement is to have an active lifestyle: support local, ride local,” Alex said. The mob puts these words into practice, inviting bike riders of all experience to join them on their weekly rides. At its core, the mob is made up of fun-loving, group oriented locals who like to have as many people join them as possible, and no one gets left behind. Social media has played a huge role in the growth of the mob, Alex says. “It’s made it easier for people to find us and join the ride. We have people come from Orlando and Daytona Beach because they came across our page on Facebook.”


I asked the members of the Bike Mob group to name their favorite spot on a Downtown Sanford ride and they overwhelming replied the Riverwalk! Everyone in this bunch is of course very excited about the brand new phase of the Riverwalk, which extends the path even further around the lake. Bike mob regular Noah pointed out that Rabbitfoot Records is a great spot to park and take a break (which you all know I can’t disagree with!) and David shared his favorite biking path since he was a kid: “The alleyway behind the library, hard right turn down the sidewalk, past the Art Walk, across 1st street, then zip down the alley behind Celery City Craft.”

But I don’t need to tell you how much these guys love riding together downtown, you can see for yourself in this great video made by some of the mobbers themselves.

Alex says the goal of the mob this year is to bring more awareness to bicycle culture in Sanford. This includes encouraging the city government to cater to bicyclists by providing more bike racks, which we have very few of downtown. Making downtown Sanford extra bike friendly will become increasingly important as groups like the Bokey Bike Mob continue to popularize bike riding here as a destination activity.


If you’re interested in joining the Bike Mob, then do it! Everyone is welcome. Connect with the Bike Mob leaders on Facebook through their public group to confirm a ride date, time, and location, then meet up with the crew before taking your leisurely journey downtown. The Bokey Bike Mob is an excellent way to get to know your fellow Sanford-lovers and see our town from an entirely new angle.

Click here to join the Bokey Bike Mob on Facebook!