Beads, floats, jazz, and king cake…Everyone loves to party for Mardi Gras! This year you can celebrate in Sanford while supporting a cause at the West End Trading Company’s Mardi Gras Sashay benefiting Meals on Wheels! To gear up, I asked organizers Paul of West End and Shane of Celery City to tell us a little about this fun event and their own connections to Mardi Gras traditions.


First off, Meals on Wheels is a charity that provides food for elderly citizens, so if that doesn’t give you a great reason to party in the streets of Sanford, I don’t know what will! The organization had been longing to hold a Mardi Gras event, and they knew Paul Williams was the man for the job. “They had attempted to put together Mardi Gras events in the past and were ready to jump an event up to the next level,” he said. “They asked around and found me. I always thought Sanford could use a nice Mardi Gras party, so I was excited to help.”

Click here for the 2016 Annual Mardi Gras Street Party event info

mardi-gras-3And oh boy, do they have some awesome plans on the roster. The event will begin at 1pm with a “slow roll” parade, featuring as much wackiness and revelry as Sanford Ave can handle. Local jazz musician Kid Dutch will lead the bedazzled, costumed crew four blocks to the West End, where prizes will be awarded for those who truly commit to the Mardi Gras attire and spirit. A delicious bevy of traditional Creole fare will be provided by N’awlins transplant Chef Delano Lambertclare of Top Hat Catering, and beverages will be available at West End (as always).

What’s the number one thing you want people to know about the event?

P: I want people to know that Sanford is a great destination and awesome place to go for events like these.

What’s your wildest Mardi Gras/New Orleans story?

P: I had too much to drink on Bourbon St once, and lost my friends. Apparently I bought $64 worth of Crystal burgers on the way to the hotel (I still have the receipt). I don’t remember it and nobody ate any of the food.

S: Paul, Josh and I took a road trip to New Orleans for one night. We had a blast but it seriously was like the movie the Hangover. We didn’t remember anything from the night before. We had to retrace our footsteps the next day searching bars, for clothes, phones, wallets, etc.


Do you have any advice for the people walking in the “slow roll” sashay?

P: Advice? Dress up and enjoy! Oh and don’t fall down.

Have you ever gotten the baby in the king cake?

P: I can only hope it happens soon.

S: No, I haven’t. It’s pretty weird and scary!

If you could only eat one Mardi Gras dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?

P: Hands down gumbo.

S: It would have to be Jambalaya. I love it!

Do you plan to flash for beads?

P: I don’t need beads to flash. But yes repeatedly….

S: You Never Know…..

There you have it, folks. Who wouldn’t want to party with these two? So, raid your closets for beads and feathers and come on down to the best Mardi Gar bash this side of the Mississippi!

Sanford’s Mardi Gras Sashay Benefiting Meals on Wheels takes place on Saturday, Feb. 21st at the West End Trading Company.

Click here for the 2016 Annual Mardi Gras Street Party event info