I don’t do drive-throughs. Ever. With one exception that is. Pollo Tropical.

Today was one of those days. Coming home from a play date I realized that there simply wasn’t enough time to cook. So I quickly pulled into the Super Target Plaza and ordered a couple of Tropi Chops and some sides. My timing was probably not the best. 1pm seems to be a very busy time so while the actual ordering and pay/pick up at the window took almost no time, waiting in a small car line definitely did. Nevertheless, I got what I came for and Pollo Tropical saved the lunch 🙂

PS: For a while this Pollo Tropical kept messing up our drive through orders 9 times out of 10, but I really can’t complain about this anymore because lately they have become really good at it again. Today my wish for extra salsa was truly fulfilled.

Pollo Tropical is located at 1001 WP Ball Blvd Sanford, FL 32771. (407) 322-3977.

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