Baby Items from Amazon Four huge packages were waiting at our front door this morning when I came back from a short walk! This looked like a huge misunderstanding, but everything was addressed for us, and since the content of all boxes were baby items (a stroller, a jumperoo, a diaper bag, infant bathtub, you name it) I got a bit excited: we might be indeed witnessing a random act of kindness here of someone who missed N’s due date by about 8 months. Other problem is that we actually don’t need any more baby items because, despite my vow to not to ever “drown” N in baby toys, it somehow happened and our house has turned into a baby playground (literally every room!!).

But of course, random acts of kindness don’t seem to exist like that anymore. Turns out all those items were shipped to our house by Jose’s cousin who is expecting a baby this December. Now we just have to figure out how to ship all these boxes to Colombia (where baby toys are apparently 4 times as expensive as here – which immediately makes you think what a great business idea exporting baby toys to Colombia would be…if only day had 72 hours, *sigh*).