Boutique for a Week Consignemnt Sale Orlando FLThe parents among us know how expensive children items can be. Even small things add up – and then sadly you will use most of them only for a very short time so the price rarely seems justified. The solution are consignment sales!

I am so happy I learned about these sales early on (when I was pregnant and before I started to even think about buying things for my little one).

Today I went to one of the biggest baby and kids consignment sales in Florida, Boutique for a Week.

Now since today was already the opening day you probably missed the best deals already. Lucky you, there is another sale coming up that is just as big as this one. It’s the Just Between Friends Children and Maternity Consignment Sale in Maitland, starting September 23, 2011. Click here for more info.

These sales are definitely something to check out, especially with Christmas around the corner…

…and this is what I did about 3 years ago.

Event Video

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