Habaneros Sanford

Whenever I can’t seem to decide which one of my daily pictures to make the “winning shot” I like to create little collages. Sometimes one picture just isn’t enough…

Habaneros has awesome shrimp quesadillas (my favorite dish here) as well as awesome colorful umbrellas out on their patio. In fact, even though Habaneros is located inside the Seminole Town Center mall (with its separate entrance of course) I still enjoy the location because of their patio. It’s enclosed so it’s safe to let our toddler run around a bit and I just love sitting outside when the weather is right. The umbrellas worked out quite nicely today since it got really sunny at some point.

Just a few words about my experience at Habaneros: I have eaten here at least 4-5 times now and have never been disappointed. The margaritas and the queso dip are perfect to start a meal and as mentioned above I typically then go for the shrimp quesadilla. The dessert selection is very good as well (how about a Mango Guava Cheesecake?) and there are authentic non-alcoholic drinks like agua de Jamaica on the menu. Best of all, the price is right too and the service great! Expect to be stuffed though 😉