Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Ingolstadt! My home town in Germany, that’s where the trip went ;o) The picture shows my parents’ home. So my old home is the setting for the end of the 365 challenge about Sanford, FL (my new home). I can’t think of a better ending…

I am enjoying my family and friends and the short time I am spending here. Therefore, not much more at this point.

Yay, I did it, the challenge is complete, 365 days felt short and long at the same time. When I look at some posts they seem to be ages old, but when I think about the start of the project it feels like just yesterday. It has been a very time consuming project but it was totally worth it. Along the way I have met some great people. Thank you also for all the encouraging words you have posted here, those really kept me going. I hope this blog has made you curious about Sanford and given you a good impression of  life in Sanford and its surrounding areas (sure, with exception of my excursions…).

Counting every day has also made me aware of how precious every day is. “Carpe Diem” – don’t postpone things to the next day. Many times the challenge has given me the extra energy to do things. Things that I might not have done hadn’t it been for my daily picture and a good story – things that I would regret to have missed. I am hoping to keep this energy and will continue to be open for new things and places to explore.

I have enjoyed this challenge very much, have obviously learned a lot about Sanford and the surrounding areas and I will continue this blog – just not every day. I will post whenever I find a new spot in Sanford or the Orlando area that could add to this blog. Looking forward to maintaining it for many years to come ;o)