Nana's Brownie

Nana’s Brownie

I love sweets! I am also very picky though when it comes to sweets… So I rarely find just the right dessert.

I might have found dessert heaven though at – and this is surprising – The Vineyard Wine Company in Lake Mary’s Colonial Towne Park, obviously not what you would consider a dessert place.

We met friends for drinks after work and ended up ordering a dessert (we actually shared which made the treat even more precious!). The dessert I am talking about is called “Nana’s Brownie” and is a perfect combination of the finest ingredients – yes, you can tell! The brownie wasn’t technically a brownie but a very fine chocolate mousse (not too sweet, just right). The mousse was accompanied by Vanilla ice cream (surrounded by fine chocolate) and fudge to “dip” the mousse in.

I am happy that every once in a while I find a dessert that is worth mentioning in the world wide web šŸ™‚ I will definitely go back for more and maybe explore some of the other fine desserts at the Vineyard Wine Company.

I had previously mentioned this great little wine bar/restaurant on Day 74, here is their info again:

The Vineyard Wine Company
1140 Town Park Avenue Suite 1260
Lake Mary, FL 32746