October 3rd was Jose’s birthday and I decided to throw a surprise birthday party for him – my very first one 🙂 With te help of my friends I managed to get it done and even though I am really having a hard time hiding anything from him, I managed to keep it a secret.

We went for dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse at Colonial Towne Park in Lake Mary (some call it Heathrow downtwon…). One of the pictures shows our delicious meal. They currently have a Fall special going on where you get to chose from a list of favorites to create your perfect “trio”. The filet is always the number one choice and then you chose the other two items. Along with a side dish (I recommend their creamed spinach, it’s awesome, I could be int here only eating that and be in heaven…), a salad and at the end a fantastic little dessert (just right after a filling but exquisite meal), you really can’t complain about the price: only $44.95! By the way, any birthday child gets a free dessert, too (so essentially we had 3 desserts to share).

After dinner we headed back to our house where about 20 friends waited for us in the dark, almost causing a fire with the candles of the birthday cake. The alarm went off shortly before we arrived at the house. Fortunately, there WASN’T a firetruck greeting us in front of our home. Imagine that surprise!! So we opened the door, Jose walked into the kitchen and there it was: a BIG surprise party!! It was a great night and I was thankful it worked out so well.