Dave's Old Fashioned Barber Shop Sanford FL

The very first picture I posted on the blog in September of 2008 for my 365 project was a shot of Dave’s Old Fashioned Barber Shop, back then still located on Palmetto Avenue. In March 2011 Dave’s Barber shop moved to its new and current location on 114 W 2nd Street. As opposed to the daytime shot of Dave’s Barber Shop on Palmetto in 2008, here’s a night time shot of it on 2nd Street…

I love that Sanford is home to so many businesses that are old-fashioned in such a cool yet quaint way. Like I wrote in my very first post, sometimes it’s as if time stood still in Sanford – and considering how busy our lives are sometimes, that’s a good thing! Especially now, with the holiday season coming up, I truly appreciate downtown Sanford’s laid back atmosphere šŸ™‚

More about Dave’s Barber Shop can be found at http://sanfordbarber.com/About%20Us.html