At this moment Sanford365 does not offer ad space or sponsored posts. What you can do though to promote your business is to become part of this little  ever growing community. What we are looking for are different views on life in Sanford. What is your favorite spot in Sanford? What do you love doing in Sanford or simply, what do you love about Sanford?

Become a Sanford365 Guest Blogger

Come up with your topic, write up 2-3 paragraphs (can be more too) and send your story over to us. Please also attach some photos related to your topic. A minimum of one picture is required, but the more the better!

You don’t have to be a professional writer or even a very good writer. All we are looking for is an honest opinion, much like an Email you would send to a friend. In fact, that is exactly the personal style we would love to see here on the blog.

How will this help your business?

At the end of each post we ask you to introduce yourself by answering some questions about your business in Sanford. That little paragraph will tell readers who you are and what you do. We will link back to your web site and if you would like, you can also offer readers a special, like a coupon/discount at your store/for your services.

Of course, your story will also be posted on our facebook page to our ever growing Sanford365 audience!

Now isn’t this a win-win? And that’s what this is all about: promoting Sanford and its people and businesses so we can all live in a better place!


The only thing we ask you to do is to please not blatantly promote your business. Your post can be about your own business if you think it’s the best place in Sanford, but please, keep it interesting to our readers. We are looking for stories and not for boring business promotions. Bragging about yourself may not be received very well by our readers.

We will reserve the right to hold off on posting your story if we think it needs some more work.

Please feel free to ask us about your ideas before you get started writing!

Now let the stories begin… Can’t wait to hear from you and about your take on Sanford!!

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