Not just out of my own curiosity (I love numbers) I wanted to dig a bit deeper into Sanford365’s Facebook statistics. I wanted to learn more about what our readers like and like to share. Of course, there is a much more detailed analysis to things and we will soon start a reader survey too, but I wanted to share just a glimpse of what Facebook has told me…

Here are the Top 10 Facebook Posts of Sanford365 in 2014 (out of close to 1,500 posts!), based on Lifetime Post Total Reach:

1. Holiday Events Post

(ranked 3 more times in the Top 10 for a total of over 65,000 Facebook views and 1.3K Facebook likes) but only listed in its number 1 spot)


Here is a link to the holiday events article on Sanford365 that I was promoting on Facebook with the post. Per the page was visited over 4,200 times and this particular post reached almost 30,000 people (total reach was 65,000+ Facebook users).

2. Floating Bungalows


Within a short time my Floating Bungalows article was shared over 220 times! It was one of my personal favorites to write this year as well and a close second to the number 1 spot…

3. Halloween Events Post

(ranked 2 more time in the Top 10, but only listed in its number 3 spot)


Here is a link to the original Halloween Events 2014 post.

4. Sanford Sunrise

One of Sanford365’s most passionate photo contributors, John Pierce Jr., made it into the Top 10 of 2014! This stunning picture received a whopping 518 likes!


5. Because the fun never ends in Sanford

The weekly newsletter edition of October 17-19 was highly popular 😉 There were two more newsletter editions ranked in the Top 10 but to keep things interesting I am only listing this newsletter post…


6. An interesting article I shared via the Orlando Sentinel


7. Announcing the Seminole County Fair


8. Top 5 Reasons Millennials Love Downtown Sanford

This article was another favorite of mine, written by the lovely Sumalee Eaton of Sanford-Centric who joined Sanford365 in November. I am very excited about working with Sumalee but more about that later 🙂 Here is a link to her brilliant article. 


9. A News 13 story I shared about a 70-year-old crossing Lake Monroe


10. A new restaurant opening: Red Robin