PORCHFEST IS HERE! PORCHFEST IS HERE!?SANFORD PORCHFEST IS FINALLY HERE ?????!! We are slightly excited about the 2nd Annual Sanford Porchfest Music Festival! And why wouldn’t we be,  with 44 incredibly talented local bands/artist playing on some of our favorite historic porches? We are ready to relax, dance, eat and spend time with other Sanfordites and visitors! If you see us, be sure to give us a wave, high five or simply just yell WE LOVE PORCHFEST, TOO!

For even more pictures of Sanford Porchfest 2018 CLICK HERE

Don’t miss out on the other Sanford Porchfest happenings, the Pre-Party will be on Friday at Celery City and the after party will take place on Saturday (after Porchfest of course) at Tuffy’s Bottle Shop & Lounge.

And before we forget: download the FREE Sanford365 App from the App store to enjoy the full interactive walking directions and map for the festival. We’ve also included the genres of each band to make it easier to pick your favorites! But ohhhh, sooo many choices, soooo little time, right??

For those of you without smart phones, here is the downloadable PDF Map of Sanford Porchfest.

In other Porchfest related news: anyone who has never been on the Limocycle, Sanford’s party bike, has a chance to hop on and off during Sanford Porchfest for FREE rides to your favorite porches and back to downtown! Just holler at them when you spot them 😉

Be sure to come hang out with us on Saturday morning at Celery City before Porchfest for the Raw TV Watch Party & Brunch by Josh Oakley to watch in awe as the City and People we love get a chance to shine in the spotlight on Raw Travel. Come eat a delicious brunch and watch Sanford on the big screen! (Check out the menu below!!)


But wait, there’s more!! 

Let’s not omit all the other fun happening in Sanford this weekend!

Bokey Bike Mob Sanford FLOn Friday, join fellow bike enthusiasts for Critical Mass! Sanford Edition!  – this is an uber-cool meetup that has been happening in Orlando for a long time, well, and now Pedal Driven is organizing the Sanford edition of it!! We couldn’t be more excited because we think Sanford is super bikeable! (Check out this article we wrote about that years ago…) Riding your bike along the shores of Lake Monroe at sunset on a warm (not hot!) Spring day – does it get any better than that?? After the ride the group will gather at Deviant Wolfe for some cool beers!

Luisa’s Cellar’s cozy courtyard is THE place to enjoy some delicious food from your favorite food trucks which is why they keep bringing you Cala La Pasta (which pairs perfectly with a glass of wine). It might even transport you straight to Italy for the evening (a girl can dream!!)…

Don’t miss all the other fun Friday night with live music at Sanford Brewing (DecaPhonix, one of our favorite party bands), Wops Hops (Moonlight Drive-In) and of course, The Alley (Hypersona).

For all you love birds out there, Wondermade is offering one of their popular Date Night Workshops where you get to make (and eat) your very own marshmallows. (No worries, parents, a Family Workshop follows on Saturday!)

Well, as we all know, SATURDAY is THE day (see above!) but what else is happening in town?

The 2019 Seminole County Gardening Expo, for example, so all you guys with those green thumbs rejoice!!

For all of you who are still pursuing their health resolutions (first of all, hats off!!), there is a great selection of Yoga happening too on the weekends, many of them quite creative. So check out Kundalini Yoga Chair or Mat Gentle Yoga Class , or even the Original Goat Yoga Experience!!

Car Lovers will be happy to hear that the Celery City Cruisers are back this weekend!

Happy Birthday to Sascha from Luisa’s Cellar who is celebrating a BIG one this year (as I always say, all the cool people are turning 40 this year, cheers to 1979!!). So if you want to wish him a Happy Birthday in person just stop by at The Sashmeister 4.0 Birthday Palooza!

Last but not least, as if there wasn’t already enough happening this weekend (I know, it’s a Sanford thing!) there’s another BIG festival in town, the Central Florida Brewers Guild Fest!

For EVEN MORE events and happenings as well as things to do this weekend in Sanford, check out our weekly newsletter below!! See you around!!

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