5 Easy Ways to Incorporate What’s Hot for the Holidays in Your Home while Supporting Local Sanford Businesses

Wow, can you believe it’s that time again? The holidays are approaching faster than a sleigh barreling down a mountainside and instead of dragging out your dusty boxes filled with Christmas decorations from 10 years ago and counting, I’ve created a quick list of some of the hottest holiday decorating trends that you can easily supplement into your existing supply of holiday cheer. Your friends and family will oooh and aaahh and you’ll feel like a holiday genius. Let’s begin!


This year is different; we all are feeling a bit lost and missing family connections, traditions, and celebrations. Grandma’s cookies, Uncle Joe’s bad jokes, and Aunt Betty’s Christmas sweaters have never been so longed for! This year’s holiday decorating is all about adding pieces that remind us of happier times and shared moments with those we miss and love.  Ceramic tabletop Christmas trees, bubble lights, and antique 1950’s glass ornaments are past treasures that surround you with a nostalgic glow. Grab a fresh steaming roasted cup of coffee at Palate Coffee Brewery and head to The Treehouse Antiques on First Street where you can find fun, uniquely interesting and nostalgic decorations from a forgotten era to bring joy into your holiday home. 

Flocked Trees

Snow frosted tipped trees are becoming more popular by the day and since no Christmas display is complete without snow, there isn’t an easier way to create your own winter wonderland than by adding a flocked tree. A great option for a secondary tree, their magical and unique look is easy to decorate as they look more impressive with a less is more design approach. Their beautiful snow ladened branches evoke the magic of the holidays and when lit at night, the effect is stunning and ethereal. Fill your heart with joy and head to Target! 

Image Credit: The Courier Co.

Natural Ornaments and Embellishments

Soft quiet colors and natural textures are all the rage. The simple and elegant tones of metals such as iconic silver and gold swirled with jute or linen ribbon creates a natural and sophisticated holiday home. Wood beaded garlands dancing with botanical and earthy elements such as branches, oranges, or berries create a woodland fairytale setting. Visit The Sanford Flower Shop and Gallery on First for some natural and beautiful Christmas decorating sure to inspire.

Image Credit H&M Home


Perhaps it is The Great British Baking Show’s popularity or maybe keeping to ourselves more that has sparked an interest in filling the home with the scent of fresh gingerbread. We could all use a sweet or treat now more than ever and nothing envelopes a home with holiday cheer and love quite like freshly baked cookies and other sweet delights. Baking brings families together, reduces stress, and transports us back to a simpler time. A visit to The Sweet Chalet will provide you with endless inspiration and unique supplies found nowhere else to bake your heart out this holiday season. 

Uncommon Tree Skirts

Christmas seasons past showcased the holiday tree with the quintessential basic boring red or gold fabric tree skirt. Blah. Move over bland and make some room for tree skirts that are as unique as you are. Tree skirts shouldn’t be overlooked just because they are usually the last element of your tree decorating efforts. Faux fur evokes a Nordic wonderland, linen or jute embraces a rustic farmhouse friendliness, and soft cream knit conjures the feeling of receiving a warm hug. From embroidered to buffalo checks there are no shortages of style and personality. Enjoy some holiday shopping at Kirklands this season and let your imagination soar. 

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