Now that the cool weather is here (I hope to stay!), the number one question on your mind is probably where to get the best soup in Sanford. (Okay, maybe not the number one, but let’s agree that it’s pretty important.) Nothing feels better than sipping a hot bowl of soup on a chilly day, so to aid you in your soup search, here are my favorite places to enjoy soup in downtown Sanford.

celery city sanford fl soup

Taken from Celery City Craft’s Facebook Page

Celery City

Soup and beer make an excellent partnership, and Celery City knows it! To accompany their roster of 52 taps and delicious pressed sandwiches, the craft beer bar also serves fresh daily soup. Try the tomato basil with a grilled cheese, beer cheese and crackers, or my personal favorite, the homemade chili with the Palmetto sandwich. Ask your bartender for help selecting a beer to complement your meal, and you’ve got a pretty great lunch break ahead of you.

114 S Palmetto Ave – (407) 915-5541

Christo's Sanford FLChristo’s

Although they are primarily known for their pizza and calzones, their soups are a favorite for many downtown residents, including the West End’s Paul Williams. While the restaurant regularly serves french onion, avoglemono, and chili, keep an eye out for their daily seasonal selections. Paul’s favorite so far is their creamy butternut squash, and you can always pair the soup of the day with endless salad for a fresh and relatively healthy meal.

107 West First St – (407) 320-0799

Great northern bean ham soup with cheese biscuits at Kathleen's Klozet

Taken from Kathleen’s Klozet Facebook Page

Kathleen’s Klozet

If you’re searching for something with a bit of elegance, try soup and tea time at Kathleen’s Klozet. Kathleen makes all of her soups from scratch, from chicken noodle to potato. Sip some hot tea from her collection while you eye the gorgeous vintage clothing and furniture tucked all around the shop. You’ll feel instantly more sophisticated tasting homemade soup from some of her delicate china, so check out Kathleen’s Facebook page to know when soup is on!

307 E 1s St Ste A & B – (386) 956-2390

Hollerbachs Sanford FL

Taken from Hollerbach’s Facebook page

Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café

As someone who eats there close to every day, I can tell you that Hollerbach’s makes excellent soup! The restaurant serves two made-from-scratch soups at a time, with the first being one of their three classics: lentil, navy bean, or split pea, all enhanced with the addition of Kassler, a salted and smoked pork. The second soup is always a wild card, ranging from a traditional bier cheese soup, to southwest corn chowder. Insider tip: if you’re in a hurry, Willow Tree’s soup and salad combo is unbeatable!

205 E 1st St – (407) 321-2204

Corner Cafe Sanford Bread Bowl SoupCorner Café

Rich, savory, and covered in melted cheese, the french onion soup bread bowl is Corner Café’s claim to fame. The Café also serves chili, loaded potato soup, and three meat-free soups, tomato florentine, celery-vegetable, and cream of mushroom. Each soup on the menu can be served in a bread bowl, and every soup makes a great addition to the restaurant’s hot pressed sandwiches or hearty salads.

101 West First Street, Suite A – (407) 322-3779

AAF Chilli Cookoff

November’s Alive After Five soup contest was a perfect testament to how much people adore to make and taste soups from all around. Lucky for us, Alive After Five’s annual chili cookoff takes place in January, and the competition is stiff! With the new changes to Alive After Five, the contest will take place in a VIP area, meaning that serious chili tasters can sample each and every offering with the purchase of a wristband. Come down to experience this traditional Sanford event on January 8th, 2015 from 5-8pm in Downtown Sanford!

Alive after Five Soup Events Sanford Fl