sanford food truck bazaarUpdate: Starting May 2015, the Sanford Food Truck Bazaar will take place every 3rd Saturday of the month from 5-8pm at the corner of 2nd Street & Palmetto Ave in Downtown Sanford, making it one of the best food truck bazaar destination in all of Central Florida! Who wouldn’t want to dine in such a beautiful historic setting while also being able to purchase drinks from surrounding bars and restaurants. Guests are even allowed to eat their food at these places – or simply outside on one of the many tables. Did we mention there’s also live music? Don’t miss it!


I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am about the upcoming first Sanford Food Truck Bazaar!!

On Saturday, February 4th and thereafter every first Saturday from 5pm-8pm, downtown Sanford will be visited by an amazing selection of food trucks! Unfortunately I will be missing the first bazaar but I will sure be present for the next one (and most likely all the others after that) because I am a HUGE fan of those ueber cool, very trendy events! I have attended the bazaar in Oviedo before and had the best time! Here’s a quick video I did of my first food truck experience:

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Now keep in mind that the Oviedo bazaar took place on a parking lot – how much cooler will the Sanford location on Palmetto and Seminole Boulevard (right on Lake Monroe) be? I just love that setting and best of all, when the food trucks leave you can start your night out in Sanford! There are some great bars you can visit right after your culinary food truck experience, here are just some of them to give you some “inspiration”:

  • Sanford Wine Company – 114 South Palmetto Avenue
  • Little Fish Huge Pond – 401 S Sanford Ave
  • Alley – 114 S Park Ave
  • West End Trading Company – 202 S. Sanford Ave
  • Wet Spot – 112 South Park Avenue
  • Jason’s Martini Bar – 300 South Sanford Avenue
  • Fat Rat’s Lounge – 410 South Sanford Avenue
  • The Imperial at Washburn Imports – 116 E. 1st Street
  • Buster’s Bistro – 412 S. Sanford Ave.
  • Twisted Vine – 307 E 1st St.
  • Ellen’s Wine Room – 440 S Sanford Ave.
  • and many more!!!

What to bring?

Remember to bring cash and patience (lines can be pretty long!). If you’d like to sit down while eating, bring chairs or a blanket too 😉

Good to Know!

  1. Think tailgating: bring your own chairs + tables + tents.
  2. Expect long lines.
  3. Some trucks may run out of food.
  4. Expect loud generators on most trucks.
  5. Most trucks take credit cards now.

Here is a list of some of the trucks that will most likely be present:

  • Cafe Rouge Express (of Cafe Rouge in Sanford!)
  • The Crepe Company
  • Monsta Lobsta
  • Mamma’s Soul Food
  • Fantastic Hummus
  • C&S Brisket Bus
  • Melissa’s Chicken & Waffles
  • Twisted Cuban
  • The Crooked Spoon
  • Bistro Babes
  • Yum Yum Cupcake Truck
For more info remember to check out

PS: Lake Mary has its own food truck event as well, every last Sunday of the month right in front of City Hall on Lake Mary Boulevard!!

Food Trucks Pro or Contra?

Lots of people have discussed whether the food trucks will be a good thing or a bad thing for Sanford. I get it, the trucks probably won’t immediately help any of the restaurants, since mostly, after your food truck experience you will not want to run into the next restaurant (unless of course you ran out of cash or patience during the event), but all of the shops and bars (and there are plenty) will benefit from the extra traffic that the bazaar will bring. And I bet that many of you who have not visited our charming downtown before will want to come back for another, food truck unrelated evening to dine one of the great restaurants, right? So, welcome to Sanford, food trucks!!

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