Follow our Sanford365 Date Night Ambassadors as they take on Date Night #9 in Sanford, FL. Thank you for sharing your experience, Tracy and Mike! Be sure to follow Tracy & Mike on their many adventures on Instagram at @tracytakesiton

seminole arial adventures central florida zoo

Seminole Aerial Adventures

A BIG Thank You also to Seminole Aerial AdventuresPalate Coffee Brewery and Magnolia Square Market for donating the perfect Sanford date night for our ambassadors’ November Date Night!

Have you ever want to do something but were too afraid to commit because you were completely petrified????? Well, that was me when I found out that I was gong to give-it-a-go at Seminole Aerial Adventures at the Central Florida Zoo. I’m deathly afraid of heights so I knew this was going to push me to my limits. Deep breaths, Tracy…..

Since Mike has been working overtime,  he suggested to change up this month and make it a girls day out. So I took him up on that and called a good friend to see if she was up for a girls day date and up for tackling the aerial challenge with me and luckily, she was! She was much more confident than I, when it came to climbing that first tree. But confidence or not, we tackled the course! We climbed, we balanced, we laughed, we screamed (haha) and we made it! The course was so much fun and I would definitely recommend it to any adventure seekers out there.

palate coffee brewery sanford fl

Palate Coffee Brewery

After balancing high above the ground, we wanted to level ourselves out so we headed over to Palate Coffee Brewery in Downtown Sanford.

We were so wrapped up in our coffee and chit chat that I completely forgot to take pictures except for one as we were leaving! But ya know what??? That must mean we had a great time, right?!?! How often is it when you actually put the camera down and enjoy the moment??? Well, for me, it was that day! Having that bit of uninterrupted girl time was so needed for my soul.

german market sanford fl

Magnolia Square Market

Once we were all hopped up on caffeine, we took a stroll over to Hollerbach’s Magnolia Square Market to check out what they had for lunch. All that aerial work and chit chat really helped us work up an appetite! If you haven’t eaten here, or grabbed a sandwich to go, then you are missing out to say the least. Biers, brats and bears (Haribo gummy bears, of course) can all be found here and so many more yummy goodies from Germany. It’s so fun to stroll the aisles and check out the variety of food products, including sausage, cabbage, chocolate, and pretzel mix. You could spend hours in here!

After a little shopping, we grabbed a sandwich and a bier to go – it was the best way to end the day! Here’s to another date day adventure and I can’t wait for the next Sanford Date Night. Prost!

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magnolia square market

Magnolia Square Market

german market florida

Magnolia Square Market

german candy german market sanford fl

Magnolia Square Market