Health Nut Express Lake MaryEver since I knew I was going to be a mom I started eating a lot healthier than before. All of a sudden there are always plenty of veggies in the house and the pantry if filled with organic food. Today I finally got to use a Groupon I had bought a while back to shop at Health Nut Express in Lake Mary.

I must say when I bought the Groupon I thought that this store also carries fresh produce, kind of like a mini Whole Foods Market. So I was a bit disappointed to not find that here. However, I did find some interesting items, including an organic Agave sweetener, veggie burger mix and organic chocolate (which was delicious). You will find lots of vitamins and a decent selection of health food items here The store also offers fresh Wraps, Salads, Burgers, Soups and Smoothies.

Health Nut Express
3005 W. Lake Mary Blvd – Unit 111 (Next to Tijuana Flats)
Lake Mary, FL 32746

I recently learned of another store in Lake Mary that carries organic produce and will check it out very soon… I really think this area is missing a Whole Foods Market, who’s with me??