at a gold partyGold Parties have been fairly popular in the past couple of years (no wonder with gold prices as high as they can be…), however it wasn’t until today that I attended my first gold party.

I don’t think I’m a good “gold digger” though, I dug through my things and could only find a few pieces of gold like jewelry and silver (of which apparently you need to have a LOT to make any money). Not knowing what I had dug out of my closet I presented my “jewelry”. Well, surprise, it was only old fashion jewelry. So I left empty handed and the nice young man at the party probably thought I only came for the food or worse, he thought I was trying to fool him (“yeah, nice try lady with the baby, I’m only doing this for a living and you are so not a gold digger…”)

But all jokes aside, I thought it was interesting how he could prove which was gold and which wasn’t. He performs an acid test, and to make it super (!) quick, if the acid can get rid of the traces left by the jewelry on a board (see picture), your stuff wasn’t worth anything…

…and here is what I did about 3 years ago.